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Affordable Video Creation, Brand Building, Social Media Management, Email Campaigns and Business Coaching for every Small Business. 

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The Vertex Marketing Agency is a sub-division of APSi and the Vertex Business Group that focuses on Small Business Solutions. 

We help clients establish a marketing campaign that will deliver growth. We're a group of experienced business executives that are dedicated to placing the Small Business first.  Our Digital Marketing Services is based upon our Vertex Business Accelerator System. A proven systematic approach to growth and performance excellence.  

Your solution will begin with a deep dive assessment that allows our team to get to know your business and then we'll work together to build the "RIGHT" plan for your small business needs.  No two businesses are alike and your solution will be customized to you, as we apply decades of business knowledge,  marketing best practice and social media advertising to achieve desireable and measurable results.    

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What We Do For Small Businesses

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Blog/Article Management

Our team will generate blog articles and manage the entire blog content process from pitch to publishing. We'll create content that will captivate your audience and establish you as an authority.

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Social Media

We'll help you develop creative campaigns for your social media platforms across every channel.  We'll help you facilitate content and get your content posted via automation and consistency.

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Email Marketing

Our team will help you set up an automated system to email strategic messaging to your audience.  Our experts will help you define the right strategy that will yield results and engage your customers.

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Video Creation 

Today, video content is increasingly critical for a small business to achieve success. Our team knows what will work and gain traction so your small business can generate high-quality videos that focus on your audience needs.

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Website Design

Websites are the heart of a small business and we can bring your site into the new age.  From the visual appearance to the structure of your pages, we have the ability to get a new site up quickly that conveys the right message.  

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Brand Management

Building a strong brand is key to establihing authority for a small business.  Our team will provide visually appealing resources and solutions for your business development such as pitch decks, presentations and data sheets. 

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Samples For Small Businesses

Promotional Video

Business Ad Video

Video Blog/Article 

Website Design Samples

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Let's Schedule A Consultation?

Give us a call and learn how our team can help build an amazing digital marketing solution for your small business. 

Published author and leader in Digital Marketing, Business Coaching and Business Development.  Coach Scott has over 30 years of experience working with entrepreneurs and creating content, websites and digital content.  

Marketing Manager

Scott A. Coulter, LSSYB/CVBC/CLC


Jim Geter, CVBC 

Marketing Strategist

Executive Coach and industry expert in capture management, content development and business development campaigns.  Jim has over 30 years of experience working with small business owners and client development. 

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Our Team​​​​​​​

Contact us today and schedule a consultant call.  

Retired NFL, All Pro and executive leader in leadership development and client relationships.  Mike has a deep passion for small businesses and has worked with major financial institutions who've established small business programs for organizations with less than 50 employees.  

Leadership/Business Coach


Mike Minter, CVBC

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